WWLD- What would Lara do?

30 Nov

Dutch Model Lara Stone, 30 years of age, is a popular Calvin Klien underwear model. Being in many magazines and ad’s she has felt the pressure to be the “ideal woman” and to be the “Ideal beauty”. After having a baby with her comedian husband, Lara finds natural beauty in her POST baby body. Stone states that she was asked, “What is beauty for you?”  Her response left me breahtless- “I just find a lot of things beautiful when you open your mind” I find this very inspiring coming from such a beautiful, talented and popular women. I think it really brings out her morals and strength as a women who is tired of being held to a standard that is not realistic. The issue she is counter acting by doing the unedited photo shoot is self-esteem, media projections / stereotyping of women. The tactic she is using to turn this vision of women into a pro social act, is rebellion- she refuses to have her photos edited so that everyone can see the true beauty that she sees after becoming a mother. Stone stated, “everyone has arm flab and saggy boobs. It’s the way it is.”

Statistics show that media,especially images, effect how young women view themselves. when they see all of the edited images of models and celebrities on tv or in magazines they start holding themselves to standards that are not realistic and setting goals they will not be able to reach. Lara Stone herself said that the weight that she needed to be at after birth was very difficult and stressful to achieve, especially since she had never been told to lose weight before.

However, even though this photo shoot advocates for natural beauty, it is still objectifying women. The article states, “Lara stone wears nothing but red lipstick and a pair of black underpants in her unedited photo shoot.” The emphasis is still on the fact that she is topless in the article title. It is not until you read more into it that you realize that this article really is Pro- women and is going against the Medias Ideals of women and our bodies.

However there is still hope for humanity. Bodyism founder James Duigan had inspired Stone to have the photos unedited by showing her showed that it wasn’t really about that (being topless and perfect) and that it was all about being a mother and having a beautiful baby. I believe that this pro-social media coverage is a good thing for calvin klien. These images will allow their image as an organization increase due to the fact that they are not afraid to have their models unedited and that they even give their models this option- since most places would not allow this sort of act.

Ms Stone pictured in a recent Calvin Klein underwear campaign shot

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