Stand Against Racism

25 Nov

The organization I chose to focus on is YWCA’s Stand Against Racism.  The Stand Against Racism is a movement of the YWCA with the goal of bringing people together from all walks of life, across the country, to raise awareness that racism still exists.  They host an annual event that takes place on the last Friday of each April and they hold Community Cohesion Programs that address the root cause of racism and encourage conversations across diverse communities in the USA.  They want to celebrate the “richness” of diversity.  I think the article “The Portrayal of Racial Minorities on Prime Time Television: A
Replication of the Mastro and Greenberg Study a Decade Later” could relate to this topic.  I think there is still racism because one, there are people who were born in a different time where racism was more prevalent and they are stuck in their ways.  I also think because television portrays the African American culture in a poor way.  When all we are watching on TV is a black man robbed a store, a black man killed someone, a black woman won’t go out and get a job and relies on welfare our racist views will not go away.  Of course there have been black men who have robbed and killed but so have white men and Hispanic men but the media tends to not focus on that.  I think this campaign is effective.  They are organizing something just one day a year that people could make time in their schedule to attend.  If every type of person goes out and just talks to someone new we are bettering the world.  I think prosocial media overall is very effective.  We live in a digital age where most of our information comes from a cellphone in the palm of our hand.  If people are fighting to end racism and stereotyping and doing it in a way for everyone to see (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) soon it will catch on.


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