Pro Social Media

25 Nov

An example of an organization that is using their resources or creativity to counter some recent negativity that they have run into would be, the NFL. Many people know that the NFL has had a lot of issues lately with their players getting into trouble with domestic abuse, and it has really impacted their image in a negative light. Recent cases include; Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and Greg Hardy just to name a few. These few players have cast a shadow over the NFL and all its players that they do not want. The NFL has taken up a campaign that urges everyone to stop domestic violence, and have a bunch of former and current NFL players in the commercial saying, “No more” and then some else that eliminates excuses of domestic violence. The NFL obviously knows that it has a problem among its players and is urging everyone to not resort to domestic violence in their lives. A ideology that we talked about that can relate to what the NFL is doing with this campaign would be, Polysemic. People could view this as the NFL just trying to save their ass after they got in trouble with a bunch of players beating their children or significant others. This would make sense especially since the commercial didn’t come out until after all this stuff happened with a bunch of their players. Other people could view this as a great thing that the NFL has done to speak out against domestic abuse without just trying to save their own tail. I feel like this program is effective because it is the NFL addressing something that has obviously impacted them negatively in a huge way. They needed to do something positive to help them recover their image for beating people who beat their wives and kids. That is never an image any organization wants to have.


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