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25 Nov


The organization that I will be discussing is one of the seven ministries of the Franciscan Sisters of the poor. This ministry is a non-profit organization. It is a mission for women in prostitution. They open their doors first just for women to come into use the bathroom, get food, and drinks. It’s an organization that does not pressure these women to change. It simply just provides women who are ready to quit a ‘life’ of prostitution receive supportive counseling and guidance. As well as seeking a better life for these women they as educate the community. Many times they have these women speak to tell their story. This non- profit ministry is trying to break the habit of discrimination, stereotyping, and self-esteem of these prostitutes. We do need to stop the discrimination of these women and the stereotyping I believe not only making the community aware of how they got there is a good start to get people to reach out and help them. A lot them assume they choose this life and that they are dirty and don’t deserve any better. Many of these cases had a very troubling childhood. If we come to understand this we can break what we think about these women. I believe one theory that can really be stressed here is cultivation theory. Which is heavy T.V. viewing cultivating an unrealistic perception consistent with T.v. presentation. Every time we see a women being portrayed in this light on T.V. it will care over as to thinking they are just a ‘whore’ or ‘dirty’. Many people may not have even ever seen a prostitute but to often many could describe to you what one looked like because they have seen one on T.V.

I think this organization has a great start but I believe that still it is going to take time and time and more time to break these perceived notions we already have about these women. I know there was a comment from a volunteer that worked there that stated “ why are we helping these women they picked this life we should be helping the ones that get captured and never asked for this”. This simply statement lets the organization know they still have a lot of work to do.


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