Looks like aerie is ready for its closeup — its unretouched closeup.

25 Nov


The organization I picked and is one of my favorites is “Aerie” from American Eagle, this is American Eagles sister store. I liked American Eagle when I was a teenager and liked it even more when they came out with this brand. This brand is American Eagles Lingerie and Apparel store.
The issue they addressed was how they weren’t going to support photo shop in their ads and they weren’t going to use photo shop on their models. Aerie’s decision to show its models in all their real, unretouched glory makes a strong statement. The brand is aimed at 15-21 year old demographics, meaning young women in high school and college. In studies it is shown that young women’s sense of body confidence is so often influenced by the images of female beauty in the ads they see. So what better way to boost confidence and just be real? Time to think real. Time to get real. No super models. No retouching. The real you is sexy. For the record, I would feel better buying clothes at other places that did this because it sends a good message to young women and I think its awesome.
The theory I think is applicable for this campaign would be the Emotional Competency Theory. Children/young adults need a model to learn from. Children/ young adults look to their environment to manage emotion and learn things. Also Schema theory would apply to this campaign as well. If we grow up seeing ads and campaigns like Aeries, I think it would make children/young adults feel better about themselves and they would grow up knowing and having the knowledge that its ok to be yourself. You don’t have to be stick thin, you don’t have to always be blonde, you don’t always have to be white, and you can have a little pudge. These images are real and I think it would help a lot of the younger generation and lower class understand that you don’t need to be perfect.

I think this campaign definitely worked. A ton of people were on facebook posting about how it was such a positive message and other people were willing to buy their clothes that day because this was such a great message for women and young girls. I think it definitely helps and I wish other people like Victoria Secret or places like Hollister and Abercrombie would do the same. This makes for a positive brand and makes people want to buy their clothes. Its someone they can trust and its someone they can look at and think that’s real!


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