25 Nov

One current campaign that I have noticed going on is the ‘He for She’ campaign. This was all first brought to my attention via Facebook and due to Emma Watson’s participation at these events. ‘He for She’ is a movement about gender equality. On their page they explain how women’s rights used to be fought for by just woman, and now men are getting involved to back woman and to back women’s rights.

A big part of the ‘He for She’ campaign is giving a new and different narrative to gender norms. I recently watched a speech that Emma Watson gave and she mentioned how men are told to be strong and tough and to never show weakness. ‘He for She’ is supporting all gender equality, for both men and woman and showing that it is okay to display any emotion regardless of sex.

In class discussion we talked a lot about gender roles and discussed how media portrays women as weak and frail and men as being strong and tough. Gender display, which is a concept we talked about in class, is also something that ‘He for She’ talks about and changing the existing narrative that is made for men and women who don’t fit the ‘norm’. I think explaining how media portrays men and women can help show what we need to society should treat the subject and that not everyone is like what they see in the movies or on TV and that anything is acceptable.

So far I think this campaign is very successful, clearly since I know that the campaign reached Facebook and Buzzfeed, which are two huge outlets that get information to young people. I think the strategy of getting a very young famous person to speak definitely helped boost their campaign and catch a lot of people’s attention.

Overall I think pro social media is a great thing if it can be effective in a long term standing. I think the concepts addressed in the ‘He for She’ campaign are very prevalent in today’s society and it brings awareness and gets people talking about these issues that need to be addressed.



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