Stomp Out Bullying

24 Nov

The organization I have found that works against negativity in a creativity way is the organization of Stomp Out Bullying. They reason of why I thought this was creative was because they have made two different campaigns that work against cyber bulling. They are facing this issue head on because they believe that many people do not recognized how damaging a cyber-attack can be towards someone. So the mission of my organization is mostly just trying to prevent bullying as much as possible. The one issue that I am focusing on will be the cyber bullying because they do others also. Just because it will be easier to direct the readings to that section. So one campaign they have for their company is the Blue Shirt day. This is held every first Monday in October and what basically happens is everyone that is involved with this organization where the blue shirts that they have made for the day. It is supposed to create awareness so others will become informed about how the effects of bullying can physically and emotionally take a toll on someone. Another campaign they came up with is the No Matter campaign. This is just a message that they can send out to people throughout the year that touches on all different types of people. Creating awareness not to judge certain people before you understand them as a whole. One theory that we have learned about was the Contact theory. The contact theory states that “prejudice can be reduce[d] as one learns more about a category of people.” Just clarifies that if everyone took the time to understand each other than the cyber-attacks would not become so emotional for people because they know what would get under people skin or what is not okay to say to someone over the internet. Another term that comes into play when talking about this organization is the parasocial interaction. This talks about how humans see media or experience media as a “direct experience” of how people act in the real world. This is a problem with today’s society because media is pushing all different types of information at us. A kid could watch a show and see how a bully is getting there way instead of the wimp that is getting pick on and being made fun of. Because a kid watching the show most likely will not want to identify themselves with the weak character because they want to be the popular one. Since that is the case in most situations the child then will not make an effort to understand the weak kid feelings because in their mind the only thing that is important is being popular. This is why media must be controlled better. Another example is that young adult’s think when they go to college bridge drinking is the way of life. Mostly because all they see on media and television is that drinking excessively is the social norm and anyone who is anyone will indulge to the point where they become sick. Furthermore, social media has become a major source where cyber bullying is taking place. I think the organization Stomp Out Bullying has good ideas about how to make the awareness better for their issue. I think though they need to take their campaign bigger. Only because I think that this is an issue that a lot of young people in today’s society deal with and it needs to become recognized what types of actions are considered a cyber-attack. I think the idea of prosocial media will help because they will be able to explain their problems to the audiences easier. Overall, if the campaign does not become bigger through different media outlets I do not think that cyber bulling will ever become aware enough to be stopped.


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