Stereotype Threat-Be You

24 Nov

In class we discussed the stereotype threat, which is when ones performance is affected when stereotypes are made salient. Meaning, that once a stereotype is made known, people tend to live up to those stereotypes. Such as, women are not good at math or white men cannot jump. Stereotype threats are harmful to the world because once people start to live up to their supposed stereotype, they start to lose a part of themselves and become like everyone else. Getting past and ignoring stereotypes and being your true self is so important in todays society.

I chose the UN Women organization. “UN Women works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; empowerment of women; and achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.” The organization work son many things to get equality for women. The one that I will be discussing is, “Countering Gender Discrimination and Negative Gender Stereotypes.”

The article discuses stereotypes and what needs to be done to counter these stereotypes on the community, society, and national levels, as well as the global level. The organization says, “We need to create and enabling environment, specific institutions and systems, and individual champions and role model creation.” The article also talks about policies and measures that would be effective on the country level.

The article discusses that for anything to change, the issue needs to keep being addressed. Norms need to continue to be built and changed so that women are not looked down upon and are able to rise and close the equity gap. We need to continue working on changing the stereotype of women so that at the national level they are translated into policies and programs.

I think that it will take a lot of work and time to close the equity gap because it is something that has always been there. But if the UN Women organization makes the campaign more known and gets more people on board, I absolutely think that this campaign could be effective. Changing stereotypes is difficult, especially because of the stereotype threat and people living up to those stereotypes. But I think that it is something that needs to be done and can be done if enough people back that campaign and it is publicly addressed over and over again.


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