Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths

24 Nov

The organization that I chose to describe is Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. It was started in 2006 by Pantene as a place where people can donate their hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients. Similar to Locks for Love, however Beautiful Lengths donates their wigs for free, since many cancer patients are paying so much in medical bills. This program has given over 24,000 wigs to patients around the country and is a leading partner with the American Cancer Society. Many communities and schools hold Beautiful Lengths events where hundreds of people donate their hair at once, many who make the cut because of a loved one.

Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths Website

The theory that I believe is applicable to this campaign is Emotional Competence Theory, which allows children to look to their environment to learn how to manage emotions. There are many children in our country who suffer from a form of cancer, or another disease that causes them to lose their hair. Several of them look to their environment to see how other children react to their situation, which is usually negative and causes the children to feel sad and embarrassed. Since Beautiful Lengths has become so successful, they are able to provide wigs for these children so they don’t have to feel sad or embarrassed by what they are going through. It gives them a chance to feel like a normal, healthy child again and feel confident in themselves.

I think this program is extremely effective and will continue to be for many years to come. I believe that the strategy they have used has been helpful, allowing friends and family members to donate together at an event so they don’t have to do it alone. The people who donate know they are doing it for a good cause; giving adults and children hope to feel beautiful again.

I believe prosocial media campaigns and programs are a great thing. They bring people back to reality and show them that we need to help one another out. The majority of them are very successful, and I think they are a great cause that everyone should contribute to! Even I took part in a campaign. I donated my hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths about two and a half years ago. I always wanted to donate my hair because I felt that it was a good deed, so I grew my hair for almost three years, and then I made the cut. Afterwards I felt so proud of myself for donating my hair to someone in need, and I loved the program I was giving to. I think everyone should find a campaign they believe in and help turn negatives into positives.

Donating my hair!

Donating my hair!


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