24 Nov

The organization that I found that counters negativity is GLAAD. GLAAD works with different news sources to bring people’s powerful stories from the LGBT community that help build support for equality. When news outlets provide wrong information, GLAAD is there to correct the information and advocate for fairness and accuracy. GLAAD addresses equality, self-esteem, and stereotyping. Their goal is to help members of the LGBT community and nonmembers come together and really fight for equality and end “labeling” that is so common today. A topic we talked about it class was stereotyping. Stereotyping is defined as, “generalized and predisposed beliefs about groups and people,” (Banjo lecture). GLAAD wants to illuminate stereotyping, especially in the LGBT community. According to the article Gay Characters in Conventional Spaces: Will and Grace and the Situation Comedy Genre by Kathleen Battles and Wendy Hilton- Morrow, “Before Will & Grace first premiered GLAAD (1998) applanded the representation of Will and his more flamboyant sidekick, Jack, as “different types of gay men- both of which are valued within the community.” Given the negative stereotypes of gay men that have been part of television since its earliest years, the two gay characters on Will & Grace can be considered progressive,” (pg. 89). I think that GLAAD’s strategies and what they fight for is very important. I think the way they handle situations is effective and really helps people understand the LGBT community. There will always be people out there that won’t change their opinion, but in this day and age people are more open and are willing to understand and accept the LGBT community. I think that their strategy will work and I think it will continue to work because they really believe in what they stand for and they won’t let anything discourage them. They will fight until they achieve their goal. I think that prosocial media is an excellent way of helping raising awareness to issues that exist. We want to bring positive light to issues are help reduce the negativity that seems to follow them. I think that prosocial media can really help demolish the negativity. Yes it will take time but it is worth fighting for and there is nothing wrong with wanting to make the world a better and more understanding place.


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