Counter Racism

24 Nov

Website Link:
It is clear to say that America is not the perfect country due it it’s checkered past. We have claimed to be a nation of freedom and justice. Yet we have become our greatest hypocrites. How? Through racist acts. In the beginning of our developing country, we built our foundation on slavery. Until the day came when a war would be raged with ourselves that freed the slaves from our ignorance. But this wasn’t good enough. There was still segregation during the eighteenth century to the 1970s on the African American community. May have fought for their freedoms, to be equal like everyone else. Eventually, America came to its senses and finally gave every born American equal rights. However, this did not end racism. It may have given everyone equality, but racism is still alive today.
With all that has happened in the past, and by what is continuing to happen, I’m beginning to wonder if racism will just be an endless battle in our society. Still there are a lot of groups that have and are counteracting racism within our nation. One of them being a blog website called Counter Racism Now! The site was developed by Dr. Khalif Muhammad, Ph.D., who has been a victim of racism and hope to see it end once and for all. He plans to use his experiences and observations of White Supremacy and racism to carry out his goal. The website features a lot of YouTube videos with his comments that are connected to a specific subject. One of the subjects being titled “The REAL Reason Why Ray Nagin Is Being Charged With Corruption,” where the mayor of New Orleans was charged with corruption during the Katrina incident. Khalif states that the reason he was trialed as a criminal was he spoke out against White Supremacy by wanting his city to be a “chocolate city.” This sounded to me like the Buck theory, the stereotype of the aggressive black male, was being applied and that the government responded in fear. Nagin was frustrated with the relief effort that when he spoke out, the government feared that this might create more problems for their system. I do see Nagin’s view on the fact that the relief effort should have done a better job, but almost creating an uprising in time of disaster is anything but helpful.
When it comes to a website like this one, I have some doubts that this could be helpful when dealing with racism. Khalif does address the Whiteness theory from Tim Wise’s article, Pathology of Privilege, where class and race inequality are masked, but I can’t help but feel as though he is only supporting his race. When the term equality comes into play, all the races are expected to be treated equal. If someone just focuses on one group, that person is no better than the racists that singled him out. There is no mention of other races within this website, but if it did, then I would consider this website legit. Otherwise, this could just create more conflicts between races.


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