Blog 7 {{Kind Campaign}}

24 Nov

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The Kind Campaign is a program that is working to put an end to childhood bullying specifically among young girls. This program is run by two girls who witnessed bullying at Pepperdine University. The Kind Campaign girls travel across the nation and visit with middle schools. At the Schools they have an assembly to address the issues of bullying and share their stories. Along with the school tours they also directed a documentary about ending bullying which they show at the assemblies as well.

According to their website the movement addresses bullying in three ways; 1. “You Are Not Alone” They first tell the girls that they aren’t alone and that many people are bullied. This doesn’t make their situation any less bad but it does give the opportunity to reach out and stand up to others together.  2. “Let’s Be Real For A Second” In this section they address the blatant fact that everyone wants to be liked. Where boys typically bully others physically girls will typically bully each other through words. These are vicious acts that sadly have become societal norms. 3. “It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way” This is the last part of the movement and in this part they invite people to join them in the fight against bullying. They invite each person their to join their social network platforms.

I think that this campaign is very successful they have had three national tours along with receiving recognition from Dr. Phil , and the New York Times. Not only that but one of the founders Lauren Parsekian is married to Aaron Paul from the hit show Breaking Bad. Being married to him has shed light on the company and all that they are doing to end the vicious cycle of bullying among young girls.


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