#aerieREAL: A Lingerie Campaign to Help Body Image

24 Nov
  1. American Eagle recently launched a new lingerie campaign featuring models that were not touched up or photoshopped. The company wanted to use the young woman’s lingerie line, Aerie, to “promote more realistic standards for their teen and preteen customers”. They left natural features of the models such as dimples, tattoos, beauty marks, fat, puckering and slight stretch marks. They hope by taking this step “real girls everywhere will start to embrace their own beauty”(time.com).
  2. As we learned in class, what young people experience in the media does have an effect on them. Society creates codes of normality that define a way of behaving as an ideal man or woman. This then relates to gender display, which are the roles assigned to us and expected of us based on our gender. The film Code of Gender showed how women are portrayed in light, submissive roles in the media and are always thin and perfect. These ideals have become heteronormative, and now nearly all ads are touched with photoshopping and portray submissive skinny models. These ideals of beauty have become standard and are putting young women at risk of having poor self image and may even lead to life-threatening eating disorders such as anorexia. So, it is commendable that American Eagle would come out to promote “real, natural beauty” in hopes of young women accepting themselves. If the fashion industry and marketing industries all started to take on the mission to represent real life and not create unrealistic standards for women, I think society could create more powerful women who realize the value of being uniquely who they are. The Time article about Aerie mentioned another interesting change that’s happening with models. While fashion designers have tended to prefer stick-thin models to showcase their designs like clothes hangers, there is now becoming a predominant online shopping community where more average body types are being used. This is because while shopping online, consumers want a more realistic image to see how the product might look on themselves. It’s helpful to have a model with their same body type.
  3. I think the campaign will work for American Eagle in that some people will applaud them for it and thus the brand will gain followers and thus more money. Even if they have a nice idea behind the campaign Aerie, in the end they are still a large company with the motive to make money. But still, I think in todays times ANY effort made to promote real beauty should be applauded. The more of these campaigns there are, the more of a difference it will make to young women’s lives.

75e09ad0-7f9c-0131-c377-7e77ec0ad256AERIE SPRING 2014 CAMPAIGN


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