23 Nov is a website I’m quit familiar with considering I’ve done a few papers on both bullying and cyber bullying. Personally, I’ve never been bullied or witness it happened, but it seems it’s becoming more common now in days. Basically the site breaks down what is bullying, what is cyber bullying, who is at risk and how to prevent and respond to bullying. Bullying is aggressive behavior toward someone. Cyber Bullying is harassment online through either social media or other websites. Who’s at risk? Everyone, especially children. It can happen anywhere at anytime. But depending on the environment some groups maybe more at risk than others. There are many steps to help resolved these situations. The site also includes the number to the suicide prevention hotline. The website works closely with the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Steering Committee, the committee is led by the Department of Education and are also governed by the Department of Justice. The strategy they’re using is getting the whole community involved including parents, educators, teens and kids. I think the website is very effective. It covers all the key basis now it just takes people to stand up and be more than just a bystander. If you kids see it happen, they get scared and don’t want to tell because they don’t want to be labeled as snitch of get think they get in trouble. I think once kids get up the courage to say something this will  be a very successful program. I don’t necessarily think this is a lost cause and yes it can help, but the website isn’t enough. People have to act. But honestly, with all these videos of kids fighting their teachers some how i don’t really think some teachers care if a kid came to them and said they were being bullied or if the teacher themselves witness the bullying. It’s a small step, but the more people realize is a serious problem hopefully they’ll want to step up.


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