29 Oct

The show I chose to talk about in this blog is the older show Rugrats from Nickalodean. A few of the rugrats are actually of the jewish faith and every so often there are episodes based around explaining the jewish holiday that is taking place around that time of the year. The one I want to hit on today is the Passover episode that played and was played for me in school every year at the time of that jewish holiday. Passover is the story of the exodus from Egypt and the rugrats put themselves in the roles of each of the main characters of that story and creatively present the story to younger kids. Tommy Pickles, who is the main character in the story actually in many episodes shares the fact that he’s jewish however, in this episode it is exemplified. His grandparents are also very stereotypically presented as Jewish Grandparents in the way they act and look. Part of the implications here are that the writers may themselves be jewish and i think that part of those statistics that were discussed in class saying that women write more women in as main parts may apply here to Jewish writers doing the same.


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