Pat from Everybody Loves Raymond

28 Oct

For this blog, I chose to examine Raymond’s brother’s mother in law from Everybody Loves Raymond which plays on TBS. Whenever Pat and her husband Hank come into town, family dynamics always become complicated. As both Hank and Pat consider themselves as devoted Christians they try to live each day as pure as they can. Hank is an assistant principle and Pat is a stay at home mom. Each are ordinary people but in the series are depicted as stuck up, traditional and very conservative. Pat talks in a loving voice whenever she speaks, and is very soft spoken and kind when she has something to say.

One episode shows Raymond’s brother Robert catching Pat smoking a cigarette when he takes out the trash. As Robert wants his future mother in law to like him, he smokes one too but gets sick from doing so. Turns out, Pat has been smoking for 25 years and has been keeping it a secret from everyone, including her husband. Although this episode attempts to place Pat in a negative light as smoking is considered a sin in their household, the scene comes off as more comical than anything due to Pats innocence she portrays in every episode. Although Pat only appears in the series ever so often, her character resembles stereotypes than many people have with Christians. She believes she never does bad, criticizes and is passes judgement onto others.

Todd Rendleman describes in his article as Christians being depicted as “hypocrites” in multiple films and TV series. This does resemble the character of Pat as although she is considered a devoted Christian, she is found to have been lying for 25 years over her act of smoking and her judgmental tone towards actions she does not deem appropriate. Although Pat is always trying to do what’s best in the episodes, she steps on toes while doing so- such as refusing to go to a Catholic Church or killing a dying bird who flew into a window.


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