Oh, Holy Tony.

28 Oct

I never really analyzed how religion is portrayed in media because it rarely displayed or when it is introduced we know that about the religious character then it is later sort of swept under the rug focusing more on the plot of the show. When religion is introduced there definitely are not any other portrayals besides the hypocrite, naive characters, incentive and psychotic extremist. My Wife and Kids a vibrant, lively and what is highly perceived as a positive series depicting the black family premiering on ABC’s network does display religion through the character Tony. My Wife and Kids is a family sitcom about an upper-class African American family living in suburbia Hartford, Connecticut with the main characters witty dad Michael Kyle (Damon Wayans), an self-made businessman and wife Janet “Jay” Marie Kyle (Tisha Campbell) focusing on “non-traditional” parenting to their three children Junior, Claire and Kady in a traditional world. In a broaden sense the sitcom Although the show primarily focuses on the parenting it does speak on religion in certain episodes but it sort of the sub-theme. For example Tony Claire’s Christian, emotional but also “attractive” boyfriend taking on the more naive and sexually repressive traits in the relationship relating to his Christianity.

In the episode “The Big Bang Theory,” addressed religion was discussed alongside teenage sex discussion. Although Tony and Claire announced to Michael and Jay that they were thinking about having sex in the season three episode(which does not happen as Tony saw that a Bible that was in a drawer in the hotel room they were going to lose their virginity in was a sign from God, not knowing that all hotels have a copy of the Bible), showed how Tony’s religious character is perceived as dumb. Tony also often sought ways to prove his devotion to purity and to God using extreme measures, such as fasting for eight days and wearing a handmade religious hat to get the approval of God (which backfires). Whenever Claire is breaking up with him or he falsely thinks she has broken up with him, he often uses bible scriptures to justify her actions whether than look at the actual reasons that causes the split.


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