Full Time Job: Christianity

28 Oct

In the second episode of Friday Night Lights we meet a young Christian believer named Lyla. Lyla is the girl in high school that every one wanted to be. She’s beautiful, friendly, smart, and she had faith when nobody else did. We first see her expressing her beliefs whenever she is praying with her boyfriend who just got paralyzed during his football game. By praying, she is proclaiming that Jesus is her Lord and Savior. Once her and her boyfriend of the time broke up, Lyla seemed to “get off track”. She wasn’t making the decisions she was before, she wasn’t praying, and she simply wasn’t living a life for Christ.  Later on in the series, Lyla meets a new man named Jason who is sold out for Christ. Lyla starts dating Jason because of the spiritual leader that he is. Jason and Lyla were in a relationship for one common reason and that was to grow closer to Christ. We start seeeing Lyla’s heart and Jason’s heart transfrom and the audeince can see that they are both getting more involved with serving Christ. In fact, Lyla starts doing evangelism on her school campus in order to reach out to other people and share the gospel. In Lyla’s role, we can see her as the “hypocritical” Christian for a time period of her life. This image was discussed in our reading by Todd Rendleman. Lyla is a “hypocritical Christian” because there is a time period where she goes through turning her back on Christ. Although Christians aren’t called to be perfect, Christians are supposed to humble themselves before the Lord and walk with Him in every area of their lives. It is evident that Lyla was running away from God in this time period. She wasn’t reading her Bible, going to church, or praying. Lyla was going through a spiritual drought. She was running away from her Creator, she was choosing not to serve Him, and she was seeking wordly things for pleasure instead of the one who truly fulfills our hearts. Lyla started drinking, having sex, and doing things that are of this world instead of God’s word. To many viewers, especially those who don’t know the story of Christ, she could be viewed as a hypocrite. Ultimately, she ended up feeling empty without God in her life and you realize the joy that comes back to her once she starts pursuing Christ again.


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