Breaking Amish

28 Oct


From the cable network TLC, I chose the program Breaking Amish.  It is currently running its third season and is about how five young, Amish, and sheltered adults leave their restraining community and move to New York City where they experiment with alcohol, nightlife, relationship drama, and sex-life.  Basically, they are experiencing things and activities that are forbidden by their religion and that could potentially shun them from their families and exiled from their community.  They face the ultimate decision between staying with their religion or face a different future in a world that is new to them.  From this TV series, I watched episode five from season three called “Forgive and Forget”.  In this particular episode, Miriam has to face Matt’s wife and his mother-in-law and tell them the truth about their one-night stand.  Matt apologizes to his wife for his actions and asks if he can make it up to her and take her out on a date.  She spends all day getting her hair and make-up done and deciding what to wear.  Other characters, like Vonda tries out online dating and goes out on a date, and Bates is working on his acting career.  All of the characters try to stick together when they are facing different problems.  Throughout the seasons you see them all talking and interacting with one another.  Almost all of them mention their religion and what their beliefs should be.  They are portrayed as innocent, sheltered, and child-like adults who try their best not to steer away from their initial religious beliefs.  One character in this episode that stands out to me the most is Miriam because she is seen drinking, she was lied to, and had sex with a married man.  The episode flashes back to when Matt and Miriam both informed each other that they were single.  Matt, lied and is actually married to his now pregnant wife.  I feel bad for Miriam because she was lied to; she had full faith in the fact that Matt would be telling her the truth.  She tries to deal with her situation by running off to a bar and drinking so that she can have some “liquid courage” when facing Matt’s wife and mother-in-law.  Applying this to the article Images of Evangelicals in American Film by Rendleman, it confirms that there are different types of religious characters.  All characters in Breaking Amish portray the “hypocrite” by living a completely different life compared to their religion and beliefs.


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