Band of Brothers

28 Oct

The show i chose for this blog is the HBO/Netflix show called “Band of Brothers”. It is currently off the air but a 10 episode series was aired in 2001. It was based off of the history behind “Easy” Company (the 506th parachute infantry regime & 101st airborne division of WW2).

This series has many religions as its dealing with the Nazis and the Jewish religion, but the series focused on the United States soldiers having catholic/christian views. The soldiers of “Easy” company either come in already having the christian religion or when they die they are given the christian religion by a priest or whoever is doing the burial. A lot of these men already have the faith and press it on their fellow soldiers or some find God because they are afraid and they think its what they should turn too.

A character that stood out to me was the Easy Company Priest. He stood out to me because in the 3rd episode of the series they just had invaded Normandy. During the battle, while gun fire was going on he went around to each man on the field who was shot and wounded or killed and said a little prayer or hail mary by them and squeezed their hand. Even though the battle was going on around him and putting his life at risk, he still knelt next to these men and did his job.

They also make references towards a dominant christian ideologies when they say things like “we should be back in the States by Christmas” . I find that some of these men can be hypocritical catholics/christians because while their away at war they commit adultery with other woman in other countries.


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