White Collar

27 Oct

Yiyang Xu

White Collar is produced by FOX Television Studios. Mainly, it is talking about Neal Caffrey, a highly intelligent and con artist working as criminal informant for Peter Burke, the FBI Special Agent. White Collar is usually related with art crimes, connected with religious issues. Most art works they mentioned are related with religious, Christian mostly.

Within season 1, episode 3, the story surround with Bible. The Bible is missing and this Bible has special meaning. According to their word, “this is five centuries of history from Naples. The saints prayed over this book.” It turned out the healing Bible.

Just like what we have learned in class, Christian is a dominant ideology. Last semester, I took one class and the professor gave us a survey. It shows that 49 out of 68 students are Christians. It shows that majority of American people believe Christian, even nowadays the church-attendance are decreasing. That cause programs mentions Christian more than other religious. White Collar, as an American produced television programming, is talking about Christian just like other programs. Sometimes, I just think, most people believe Christian because they get from media. Personally, I don’t have any religious belief. However, if someone, ask me to must join in one religious group, I would go by Christian because I heard or watched it more than others.

The healing Bible, White Collar shows, has power in people who believe it. “In 1588, the plague passed through Naples, father Camillus carried the book into disease stricken ships in the harbor. Not a single person who touched the Bible died. 20 years later, a blind girl regained her sight when she rescued the book from a fire.” This healing Bible is magic so caused people who wanted to steal it and committed the crime, and the story began with. Although I don’t have religious, I admit that there is magic for people with religious. Once a person has religious, his ideology totally believes it. No matter what stuff the religious provides, he will believe. In this case, they believe the Bible can heal everything, so the person steal it and want to use it to heal his dog. I saw one person’s blog is “dog is god spelled backwards”, and I think that might be little trick word games that directors played in here.

Firstly, I think it is hard to find programs with religious. Then, I found out that there are too many programs with religious issues, almost every program. Religious is one of most important ideologies. Religious gives people a way to believe and a direction to follow.


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