27 Oct

The show that I decided to go with for this prompt would be the show Law and Order SVU. This show is about the Manhattan Special Victims Unit and how they solve crimes of rape and sexual assault in the city of New York, especially the Manhattan area. It has about 5-10 main characters that are in and out of every episode depending on the season and episode.

The character that I decided to pick when it comes to a religious or spiritual character would be Elliot Stabler. Elliot in the show identifies with the Catholic faith in a lot of situations when it comes to the right time. He has a lot of arguments with others in the squad room about ideals that don’t tie in with the Catholic faith like he identifies with. The only funny thing is that Elliot in the show is a huge hothead a lot of times. The way he handles certain situations and dealing with criminals that he has arrested do not stack up with his faith. He has gotten in a lot of trouble by beating people up, being too violent, and even having some shootings that have come under a lot of scrutiny. What is also hypocritical is that in the last couple of seasons that his character is on the show, he goes through a pretty ugly divorce that leaves his family and personal life in shambles.

Just like in the Rendleman article, he talks about characters reaching out to other characters with their faith. Elliot a lot of times, like explained earlier, will often get into arguments with other characters about differences when it comes to the Catholic faith. He has even in one episode gotten physical with other character that make fun of the faith or poke at it as if it is bad.


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