Season 2 Organe is the New Black

27 Oct

Sister Jane is portrayed as a non stereotypical nun who forces her religious views on her inmates. She is actually the opposite of a stereotypical nun. She is not quite or soft-spoken but she is outgoing and has a dominant personality. In one of the episodes she ends up shares her story of how she got in prison by protesting and  forcing her religious views and becoming an activist. She doesn’t wear the nun head-piece or the cross around her neck. Sister Jane joined the church as a young woman in the 1960s. She was very dedicated to her service to the church and although she had a open view of faith she then got introduced to two other nuns who are activists. Since she is so forceful with her religious view she is kind of portrayed as the outcast of the inmates. No one really wants to be bothered with  her but they tolerate her because she is a work in progress just as the other inmates are.

In a episode of the “Orange is the New Black” the nun name Sister Jane Ingalls helps with services in the prison chapel. When Burset, a character from the episode finds out she is getting hormone pills, she tries to cozy up to the Sister to obtain some. Instead, the Sister tries to convince Burset to reconnect with her son. Jane is in prison for chaining herself in place at a nuclear weapons base during a political protest. In line with her faith, Jane accepts Sophia as a close friend . She is shown to be rather modernistic and “hip” in her faith and views. The second season reveals her past as a nun who became an activist but seemed more interested in her fame than doing genuine good works for God. It is revealed that she was dismissed by the Church for her actions, but that she has neglected to tell any of the other inmates. After joining Soso’s hunger strike, Sister Jane gets carried away and takes over, cutting out Leanne and Angie, before being hospitalized. After the incident, word gets out and a number of nuns gather at the prison and stage a sit-in while Caputo tries desperately to negotiate with Ingalls. She only relents after reaching an agreement with Red in the prison hospital—she would eat, but only if Red told the truth about the attack against her.

 This reminds me of the reading of the Kanthi Muslims Identity article  because it talks   how general market media construct identities of Islam and Muslims. It talks about Islam being a terrorist fundamentalist religion. In this case of sister Jane she is going against her religious character and forming a unsterotypically view of what a nun really is and acts like. 

Me’Ashah Nicholson


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