“My First Jew”

27 Oct

Penny’s friend from Nebraska comes to visit her in California. Penny explains to the guys that her friend has slept around with almost everyone in Omaha.  While she is talking about all of this to the guys Howard gets very intrigued he slips out of Sheldon and Lenard’s apartment to go over to meet Penny’s friend Kristy. Penny is basically kicked out of her apartment because Howard and Kristy are hooking up. This is when Penny asks Lenard if she could stay at their apartment for the night. Sheldon and Lenard come to an agreement of letting Penny stay over for the night. The next morning Howard comes over to Sheldon and Lenard’s apartment and he is wearing Penny’s robe. A little after Howard comes over Penny’s friend Kristy comes over also. Penny asks where Kristy would be staying. Howard offers to let Kristy to stay at his house with him and his mother. This is when Howard says, “Would you like to repair to Casa ole Wolowitz?” Kristy then says, “What is that like a Mexican deli?” Which Howard response by saying, “I should have mentioned this earlier but my last name is Wolowitz.” Kristy then say, “Oh that’s so cool, my first Jew” as she points to Howard. Howard then says a few lines later, “If you would excuse me I have some Bar Mitzvah bonds to cash.” Howard’s character stands out to me because he is showing the stereotype that Jews have a lot of money. He shows this because he doesn’t care that this girl is taking advantage of him because she slept with him. People would say that this could be true for anyone, but the fact that they use Howard’s character instead of another character proves my point. Just like racism there is going to be a lot of stereotyping in our world. I would say most people practice Christianity in our world. As a result of this we see other religions being made fun of like Judaism in this case. So our discussions would confirm some of what we have talked about.


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