Gilmore Girls

27 Oct

Gilmore Girls

The show that I chose for this blog is Gilmore Girls. In this show there is a Korean Family that basically only portrays a mother and a daughter. Mrs. Kim and her daughter Lane are said to be Followers of the Seventh Day Adventists. These are the two characters that really stick out to me in this show when it has to deal with religion. The story line of this show is based off a mother daughter relationship of Lorelia Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore. She had Rory when she was sixteen years old and has raised her on her own ever since. Lane Kim comes into play because she is Rory’s best friend since a young age. The Gilmore’s are a very free living family and Mrs. Kim does not approve of the lifestyle that Lorelia has built for her and her daughter.

Lane is Rory’s best friend and they are able to freely talk about any kind of music that they want or dress in what they want when they are at the Gilmore house hold. However, when Lane goes home she has to put on the act that she is the perfect Christian who dresses conservative for her mother, reads the Bible, and listens only to Christian music. In Lane’s room she has storage under her floor boards. She lifts them up and is able to hide all of her rock, non-Christian music from her mother along with make-up and all kinds of accessories. According to the readings I think that she is playing the hypocrite. The reading by Rendleman talks about four different types of Evangelical Christian images. I think that Lane falls under the hypocrite image because she leads her mother to believe that she is a Christian and lives up to the standards but as soon as she is not around her mother she becomes a totally different person. When she goes over to Rory’s house she dances around the house to loud rock music, wears clothes that her mother does not approve of, but when she wants to go home she changes her clothes back into something that her mother approves of.

On the other hand, I think that Mrs. Kim falls into the naïve and maybe even psychotic images that Rendleman talks about. Mrs. Kim believes that the way of American life is evil. She is suspicious of American customs and does not believe in them.  An example of this is when her daughter Lane gets married and she tells Lorerlia Gilmore that she is not allowed to come to the wedding without a date. She thinks that a woman of a certain age unmarried is a little suspicious and does not send the right message. She believes that rock music and anything other than Christian things are evil and will lead you to hell. This is where I think the naïve comes in because she is so wrapped up in the Religion that she loses kind of a sight of reality in American society. She constantly is talking about her religion but the funny thing is that she also falls into the hypocrite image.

Later in the show we find out that she is also a hypocrite because there is an episode when Mrs. Kim’s mother comes into town. We find out that after all these years she has been lying to her mother about her religion just like Lane has been doing with Mrs. Kim. Mrs. Kim mother comes into town and Mrs. Kim is frantically trying to hide all of crucifixes and is trying to put out all of the Buddhist religion images and icons. She is hiding that she is a Christian from her mother who is a Buddhist. Once her mother arrives she automatically falls to her knees along with her mother and starts doing one hundred bows towards the Buddhist statue like she has been doing it every day for her whole life. Mrs. Kim is a good example to see the interesting things that people will do for their religion. She hides it from her mom because she is afraid of disapproval, she forces it on others because she believes it so strongly, and she thinks that different life styles that do not follow the Christian way are evil and will lead them to no good in their lives. Mrs. Kim definitely holds up the images that Rendleman presents.


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