27 Oct

The show that I chose to watch is called GCB. In this show, Amanda, a widow with two kids returns home to Texas to live with her mother because she has no other choice. Previously in high school, she was the popular girl who ran the town. Now however, she discovers as she returns to her hometown that four girls who she used to push around run the town now. News spreads quickly to Sharon, Carlene, Cricket, and Heather about Amanda’s return. She meets them again when she attends church on Sunday, as well as their husbands which she knew two of them from high school. She tries to find a job but doesn’t have luck until she finds a bar hiring a waitress. In addition, she is having trouble finding a home for her family because Heather, the real estate agent, has been showing her homes that are awful and in horrible locations. The episode ends again in church where Amanda has learned the evil game that the girls are playing against her to get back at the person she was in high school.

The character that stands out to me in this show is Carlene. Carlene is the wife of a wealthy oil businessman, as well as a member of the church choir. She makes numerous references to God to appear as a christian. However, her attitude and actions in the show make that hard to believe. She interacts with the characters on the show as a goody two shoe christian who praises and lives the way of Jesus. For example, she gossips constantly with her three other girl friends. When her husband suggests she shouldn’t tell Sharon that she saw Amanda kissing her husband earlier that day, she says in a snotty way “If I know something and don’t tell her, am I breaking a commandment?” Another example is simply that she wears a big metal cross on her neck, displaying that she lives her life as a Christian. Amanda received a gift card from an expensive clothing store which Carlene takes when she is at her house. Carlene shows the other three girls this and they tell her that’s stealing. Carlene simply replies that “I did not steal, it’s research.” She is referencing her religion here to clarify that she did not break one of the 10 commandments which is to not steal. She uses her religion to justify her actions.

In the article we read titled “Images of Christian Belief,” Rendleman discusses four different types of evangelical Christian Images that are represented. I think Carlene definitely falls into the Hypocritical category. She “lives” her life as a Christian as I described above, but really she only appears this way. She justifies her actions of gossiping, stealing, spying, and doing negative things to people by saying that it is not really those things. She presents her actions in a different way to make herself feel and appear as a Christian. She is hypocritical of the way Jesus says we should live though.


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