27 Oct

The show that I watched was an episode from Criminal Minds. It had to do with an exorcism, so there was a lot of religion in my show. There were many characters that stood out to me. One was a main character and her name was Emily, she was friends with the person whose death they were investigating and his name was Matt. This is super important to the show though because she showed who Matt really was throughout his life and how he might have gotten caught up with these people that killed him and the ones trying to kill his friend. Well anyway what was happening in the show was that a man from Spain, a priest, came to the states and was performing exorcisms on certain people because he believed there was an evil in them. One of them was Matt, Emily’s friend, who was a victim of these exorcism. The FBI was trying to stop these attacks from happening because they are killing people in the states. The priest from Spain talked about his faith a lot. He claimed it was his duty to clean these people and to save other’s from this evil. Emily had to talk about her religion because when she was younger Matt helped her overcome some personal issues that went against the religion, which was Catholicism. That is also when Matt started questioning everything because he felt it was wrong to just cut someone off because they made a mistake. For example, in the “Overview of Research on Media-Constructed Muslim Identity”, it talks about if a person makes a mistake as in going against something in the region how looked down it is on them. It even quotes that when that person makes that mistake they are looked down like they have a “deadly disease and its followers as carriers about to infect the rest of the world.” That is also how the priest was acting in the show. They said since they were all in Spain at the same time when an event took place that they all were apart from this evil and now the evil must be clean from them so everyone else can live back in peace. It is also mention in the “Images of Evangelicals in American Film” how harsh the Catholic region can be and the religion that these folks were in was Catholic. So everyone in this episode was really overcome by how powerful a religion can be, it was even stated at the end of the show do you believe in that evil takes over someone. All the characters were in a circle and one man said, evil is in everyone, it all depends on how you act on it. Is it also worth killing people to make people believe in your religion? Those were not his exact words but that is how he phased it. That is important because it is like how far are you willing to go to make someone believe in something. Which is what are readings have to deal with, they talk about how a religion can be pushed onto people and how it might be better for them to just choose it.


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