Desperate Housewives

27 Oct

Desperate Housewives is a show about 5 women who are all housewives. They are all friends and live on the same street. They each portray themselves as perfect little housewives living their “American Dream”: a stay at home mom married to a man who works and is the provider for the family. While the husbands are at work the women all hang together gossiping and such about what’s new in the neighborhood.

Underneath the portrayals of the perfect lives the women have, behind closed doors, there are lies, secrets, and family drama within each of the households. On the show, the women go to Mass every Sunday and try to make themselves look like they live these perfect Christian lives. However, one of the women was having an affair. Another was harboring a secret about her passed in which she killed someone. One of the women also was known as the neighborhood slut who always tried to sleep with someone else’s husband. They go to mass to learn the Christian life but they live these lives that are not very Christian like. In the reading Images of Evangelicals in American Film, the popular stereotype that was found among Christians was that a character is sexually repressed and unaware of mainstream culture. I do not think this is confirmed in this show because the show involves so much sex that it completely becomes the main issue of these women’s lives.


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