Blog 6 {{Secret Life of the American Teenager}}

27 Oct

The Secret Life of the American Teenager is no longer on the air but at one point it was ABC Family’s most viewed TV program among their more mature teenage audiences. This show followed the lives of multiple high schoolers going through things that their parents would have never expected, including the main character getting pregnant at band camp. One of the main characters on the TV show, Grace Bowman, was portrayed as the typical christian white girl who was involved in the religious groups at school and believed in staying pure and true to herself all through high school. However, as the show went on you learned about her struggle with high school temptations and what her church was telling her what was sinful behavior and what wasn’t. This led to many inner struggles with her character. In the article “Images of Christian Belief,” Rendleman talks about the four different types of evangelical Christian Images that are represented, Grace definitely falls into the naive category during the first few seasons but later into the series she starts to drift away from her christian values in secrecy while still promoting and judging others who in her mind were “sinners”. This in turn causes her to fall more into the hypocritical evangelical christian category. One example from the TV show is when her Dad is killed in a plane accident right after she has sex with her boyfriend. She believes that God is punishing her for having sex so he killed her father. This is a prime example of Grace’s naivety. I don’t think that Grace’s character was in anyway bad but I think that her character portrays a more realistic struggle of what teens, that grew up in a strict religious household, are going through today. Many teens like Grace are unsure of how to act when they are exposed to the diversity of the real world and can come off as hypocritical and naive.

grace secret life


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