7th Heaven

27 Oct

A show I remember watching while growing up was 7th Heaven that aired on The CW. My parents thought that this was an appropriate show for my brother and I to watch Sunday evenings because majority of the story line involved life lessons and displayed strong Christian values. 7th Heaven follows the Camden family through ups and downs. Eric Camden, the father, is a minister who really tries to direct his family in the right direction and help them through difficult decisions. Eric’s wife, Annie, is a stay at home mom that also helps guide their children down the right path. Eric and Annie had seven children throughout the series. Their children were named after significant biblical figures. Although the show focuses on strong Christian values, there are events that challenge these values. I think that this is what made 7th Heaven interesting and showed us as viewers that just because you believe in a religion doesn’t make you superior to others who believe in different religious. It proves that we all make mistakes and we go through rough patches, but we are all human and that is just how life works sometimes. Even though Eric is a minister he doesn’t force his beliefs or values on anyone that believes in a different religion. He does try to help his family and gives advice but doesn’t really “preach” to them, just tries to direct them throughout different situations that audience can relate to. In the reading Images of Evangelicals in American Film written by Todd Rendleman talks about evangelical Christians and how there are portrayed in films. A film that I am familiar with that Rendleman talks about is Saved! He states, “Saved! is a satire aimed at narrow-minded Christians, using its weapon the values of a more tolerant brand of Christianity…. By the end of the movie, mainstream Christian values have not been overthrown, but demonstrated and embraced,” (pg. 287).  This statement reminds me of how 7th Heaven is portrayed to its audience. The Christian values throughout the show are not toppled by other factors that 7th Heaven possesses and they are established in a very subtle but effective way.


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