Grey’s Anatomy – April Kepner

26 Oct

Grey’s Anatomy is a fictional show about the lives of surgical interns and residents evolving into experienced doctors, while they try to maintain personal lives and relationships.


April Kepner is a devoted Christian, almost a jesus freak. Throughout this show she has battled with her faith, even though she very open-minded she is traditionally conservative. In the show there is a female gay couple and she attended their wedding, which again opposes her being conservative and demonstrates her mindedness, she even took picture with the couple and danced at the wedding. She kept her relationship with god secret from all the other fellows because she feared they would see her as less of a surgeon. She remained a virgin for so long, and wanted to wait until she was married to have sex. The temptation over came her, when she lost her virginity to Jackson Avery the night before her medical boards, it was then she had to re-evaluate her faith and she finally stopped caring about what others thought about her. Even though she lost her virginity  she still remains close to God and hopes to find forgiveness. April had wanted and waited so long to find a man who shared the same faith as her. Then finally one comes along, a paramedic named Matthew. She soon finds out that he is virgin and also waiting for his wedding night. She begins to feel guilty knowing she already lost her virginity and still has feelings for Avery.

In my opinion watching the show and seeing April’s character she does come off as a little naive to me even though you see instances where stands behind her beliefs and stands up for herself. According to our notes Christians are hypocrites, psychotic, naive and insensitive. April is only one of four. Out of everyone on the show she is the most caring of all the doctors. On some occasions you see her pray for her patients before surgery. She’s even broken the rules a few times to help out patients. She maybe a hypocrite for having sex before marriage since she preached about it and believed in it, but I don’t think she would ever judge anyone else for their sins or faults.


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