26 Oct

One of my favorite TV shows from the past few years has been Ryan Murphy’s Glee. As a former choir member and an awkward person in general, Glee had always appealed to me. Glee is on FOX at 8/9 o’clock and has been on since 2010.

Glee follows an Ohio show choir called the ‘New Directions’ and is run by an ex show choir member, Mr. Shuester, and is basically an underdog story; the awkward geeks combined with some of the popular jocks and cheerleaders and come together to make one kick ass show choir. While I have always favored the shows lead character, Rachel Berry (which I am convinced is based off myself) I am going to focus on another show favorite, Quinn Fabray and her role within the first season of the show.

In season one Quinn is introduced as the popular, pretty head cheerleader who is dating the popular and hot football player. She is shown being very mean to the awkward Rachel Berry who is in love with Quinn’s football boyfriend, Finn. While Quinn may seem like the stereotypical ‘mean popular cheerleader’ her character is a bit more complicated. Quinn is a very loyal Christian and always preaches abstinence to her boyfriend, Finn and vows to stay a virgin till marriage. She is even the president of the celibacy club where students come together and vow to stay pure together. Within the first few episodes of season one and seeing Quinn’s very Christian’s view, you learn that she is pregnant, and the father is her boyfriend’s best friend Puck. Throughout season one you see Quinn struggle with being pregnant in high school, going from popular head cheerleader to a loser and apart of the glee club (which was, at first, seen as the lowest social group to be in). She gives birth to her daughter at the end of season one and within the follow seasons Quinn’s character develops into trying to stay true to her Christian views as well as understanding who she is as a person.

Within Rendleman’s “Images of Evangelicals” he mentions numerous times that Christians are often portrayed as hypnotics and say one thing and then act upon the opposite and I think Glee shows this theory within the character of Quinn. You met Quinn and see her very pronounced religious views and then you learn that she is pregnant, breaking the vow that she mentions at least once in very episode. You also learn that she got pregnant, not from her boyfriend, but instead that she cheating on him with his own best friend. I think that Glee shows that hypocritical character very well in Quinn’s character; they show the material in a real way without becoming too crash on the subject. Quinn’s character development throughout the show’s six season is arguably one of the most drastic and dynamic, showing that she has multiple layers.

One interesting thing that I think Glee does in a unique way is that they show a very stereotypical character (examples: Finn is the dumb jock, Quinn is a hypocritical Christian, Kurt is a flamboyant gay male, Rachel is a closeted diva, Britney is a dumb blonde, Santana is the hot headed Latino) and they show that they are much more than their stereotype. Sure, their stereotype makes them who they are, but it shows that they are much more than that and it takes a controversial topic and turns it into a real conversation.


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