Don’t Be Tardy For The Party!

18 Oct

The show that I chose to analyze is The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This show is all about rich, black women who are married or divorced, and living in Atlanta. The show is featured on Bravo, and is part of a series of different cities in The Real Housewives show. It has six seasons, so it is clearly a success in the reality TV area. The episode I chose to watch was during the second season, and is called “Better Tardy Then Never.”

In this episode we see two of the main charcteres NeNe (who is black) and Kim (who is the only white character) get into an argument. Kim wants to record her song “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party” without NeNe as her producer. We see NeNe and Kim argue throughout most of the episode, and most of the season in fact. Kim is a tall blonde woman. She is very headstrong, but is not the smartest at times. She is very into fashion and money and would do anything to keep it. NeNe on the other hand is a hard working woman. She also enjoys fashion and money but enjoys working as well. She is very stubborn and often buds heads with Kim and other characters on the show.

The characters do mention their race quite often and support their stereotypes. Although many of them work hard for their success and push the limits of women stereotypes, they definitely align with their black stereotypes. Some include paying a lot of money for their weaves, wearing tight clothes, and fighting. However, even the white character, Kim, includes herself in these activities. She stands out the most to me because she tries to blend herself in with the other black characters instead of trying to be her own person.

Even though Kim and I are of the same color, I believe I relate more to NeNe. She is strong-willed and works hard for what she wants. I believe I am the same way, even though I enjoy the finer things in life, I work for what I want.


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