The Fresh Prince

17 Oct

The show I will be discussing in this weeks blog is “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. This show is about a young man named “Will” from the ghetto of West Philadelphia. The troubles he was facing back home led him and his mother to make the decision to move him in with his wealthy aunt and uncle in Bel-Air, California. Bel-Air is a very wealthy neighborhood and his aunt and uncle live in a mansion with their 3 kids and their butler.

The Character that stands out to me the most is Will. The reason he stands out is because his lifestyle always clashes with the people in Bel-Air, wether it is his family or random people in the neighborhood. Will is from a different type of culture than the people of Bel-Air because he is from the ghetto of West Philadelphia and because of this there are many cultural conflict in the show. The way Will handles many of the situations on the show is different and unexpected compared to the way everyone else in Bel-Air would handle those situations. Will finds it hard to fit in in Bel-Air in the episode I watched called “Bang the Drum, Ashley” his cousin Carlton begins to tell jokes that everyone else found to be funny, Will did not get the jokes at all and found himself to be the only one not laughing. When his other cousin Ashley was talking about how she has a weekly schedule of after school activities which include ballet, tennis and violin lessons Will was in shock. He said the only schedule he had growing up for school was the “TV Guide”. You can see many other examples of Will struggling to fit in throughout the show. I feel like I have a connection with Will because I too find myself not fitting in with others due to where I came from, and I’m sure a lot of people have had similar situations like Will’s as well. It’s hard to adjust to new surroundings with new customs and expectations when you are so use to the customs you have grew up around all your life. This reason alone makes Will a very relatable character which I believe is why the show was so successful for so many years.


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