number 4

17 Oct

I watched an episode of Orange is the New Black and what happened in the show was that a lot of the prisoners were fine with their everyday actives but some were not, so they wanted to change. Like one inmate was pushing to get a track so that they could do something else during the day other than just sit around. But the others were fine with the fact they did not have a track because they would have to give up other things because there is only so much money. Then you had the police looking for a phone because someone was taking pictures in the prison. But the story I focused on the most was on an African American. Mostly because she had just gotten back from being confined somewhere special for a couple of weeks. But I focused on her because she was angry and she did not know what to do. I think she was finally realizing that she had given up on actually making a life for herself because she really could have had one. She was a really good track runner in high school and she had a chance to run in college but she took the wrong path. So she is now starting to get really emotional about it. One because she misses running more than anything, anyway she will not say that out loud. Then two she angry because she feels that she missed out going to college and making something out of herself. So for me I connect with her on that because you do not want to miss out on something in life like going to college a being an athlete and getting a degree. Because deep down that is something that you want more than anything. Now she is so overwhelmed with emotion because she cannot believe she cannot get it back and it just keeps building in building in her. This is when she has an interaction with a white character, now she is trying to give her wisdom because she understands her hurt. In the end, it was really good advice but why did it have to come from a white person. It did not come from another colored person in the jail. In the article of “Themes of Whiteness” it was addressing how white people can seem to understand situations faster. Now they focused on learning skills faster, like in the article they learned martial arts, but in this case it deals more with of an understanding. Showing how again that white people always know first and best what the right action is, even if everyone on the same level as everyone else. So these two characters did not have a good interaction with each other. It ended with the white person slapping the color girl, then the color girl ended up just shining away like she is right but I don’t want to agree. Representing how stereotypes still stand, in the case that the color person may not know and if they go against the white person the white person must put them back in their place.


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