“It’s not always as it seems”

16 Oct

Wizards of Waverly place is a show that aired on Disney Channel and is now on netflix. It features a family of Hispanics who owns a restaurant and they live in a town house above the store. The family, except the mother, are all “wizards.” The parents have three children, and the only daughter has a best friend who is white- her name is Harper. With Harper being the only white character in the show, I think it shows a good sense of diversity because the whole Hispanic family treats her as if she is one of their own. However, on Disney channel i have seen an occurring theme that the “white girl” friend is always portrayed as ditzy or annoying. Harper is very outgoing and goofy- always wearing silly outfits, making silly looking arts and crafts and making a fool of her self in public and at school.

I could see this causing issues within Disney channel because she, Harper, is the minority in the show as one of the only white characters, and portraying whites as the minority, even though whites can be very socially sensitive to issues of race as well, isn’t seen as a bad thing when they are the minority. It’s just like if a black man were to call me a honky, and I tried saying I was offended, it wouldn’t be taken as serious as if I were to call a black man a nigger.

I can’t really relate too much to Harper because I have never had a friend group that wasn’t primarily white people. I have had several black, mixed, Asian, and Hispanic friends though.


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