George Lopez

16 Oct

I chose to watch an episode from George Lopez, featuring a majority latino cast. In this episode, George deals with his 15 year old daughter Carmen, who he realized has suddenly developed breasts. He is worried that guys are going to come swarming at her. The mother, Angie, gives Carmen a talk about boys and then George does too telling Carmen that all guys are pigs. However, Carmen takes this lightly as she comes home with a hickey on her neck. The parents are furious and they end up having her grandmother tell her what it was like being 17 and pregnant, and they also show her pictures of various STD’s and things you can get from sex. Meanwhile, George’s close friend Ernie uses George’s son Max to pick up women.

The character who stands out to me in George, the main lead of the show. He is a working class Latino who is raising a family. He also is portrayed as having a rough and dysfunctional childhood, being raised by a single mom at age 17. There are 3 white characters that appeared in this particular episode. There are two white women whom Ernie and Max interact with. The characters do not mention anything about race, and there are not really stereotypes. They are two single ladies that are interested in Ernie because of the way he is shown as a loving and caring single father, although it is a fake front. The other white character is the young boy who gave Carmen the hickey. He appears to be the typical white jock who is good with all the ladies. He knows what words to say to make girls feel comfortable and special around them. The perspective of the white characters are the least visible as they play very small roles in the episode. What I found in relation to the reading was that George Lopez is portrayed as Casanova in Representing Latinidad in Children’s Television said. Although this is not a children’s show, I think similar concepts can be applied. Casanova stated that there is a “generic Latino” image that includes having light brown skin, brown eyes, and dark hair. This applies to George Lopez and also he uses language that indicates the Latino culture. Turner states in Portrayal of Racial Minorities on Prime Time Television that more Latinos are portrayed as immoral and despicable than whites. I think George Lopez disconfirms this statement because he appears to be generally a moral person. He values his relationships and his children because he has values and morals.


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