Blog 5 {{That’s So Raven}}

16 Oct


I chose to do the TV show That’s So Raven because it is a family show that focuses primarily on a upperclass African American family, living in San Francisco. The show’s main character is Raven Baxter and each episode documents her daily life as a growing teenager and psychic. Raven is your typical teenage girl, she loves fashion, boy bands and hanging out with her friends. Every girl that watches the show is able to relate to her regardless of race. She doesn’t act in a way to ‘portray whiteness’ and she doesn’t ‘act black’. She has two best friends on the show, one is a black male and the other is a white female named Chelsea. Chelsea is one of the few white characters in the entire series. Chelsea’s character is the funny best friend who is a huge advocate for the environment. She also tends to be a bit on the slower side, she is the character that doesn’t think before she speaks. She tends to be the comedic relief in the show. Along with that, Chelsea defies all stereotypes of white privilege. Chelsea is the poorer character on the show and Raven is her wealthy friend. Chelsea plays the humorous best friend that is solely there to make the audience laugh, this is a role typically played by a black actor.

Disney channel made an impact with this TV show because Disney channel is such a popular TV channel to young children. This show exposed children to the reality that whites aren’t always the main actors and characters. This show also showed that families of all different races can lead happy and normal lives. The show shot down stereotypes that are often seen in other shows, showing that being a minority makes you less than the majority.


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