A Black Hockey Player?

16 Oct

Black-ish is a comedy show that just came out on ABC. Black-ish is centered on Andre Johnson, a black advertising executive, who has risen into the mostly white middle classes, only to witness that his children are losing sight of their African-American identity. I particularly analyzed Andre Johnson’s character. I have plenty to speak about just from the first episode. Andre Johnson starts off the show by introducing his as a well-off black man. He talks about his job, success, family, and how all the white people probably look at him like he’s some sort of freak of nature. There is an assumption being made that by nature, all black people are poor in society. Throughout the show, Anderson is dealing with the fact that his family isn’t “black enough”. His son wants to play hockey instead of basketball. His son also wants to be Jewish. All of these ideas are unacceptable to Andre. His wife called him out for being overdramatic and he ignore her opinion. He makes the comment that she’s a mixed woman so she technically isn’t black. He’s stating that she can’t possibly understand what he’s going through with his son. This show most definitely portrays stereotypes. If a white person were to say that black people were lower class citizens by default and aren’t allowed to expand out of their culture, they wouldn’t be able to finish their sentence. However, this show is saying that because he’s black, he can make those comments without being racist. Whenever the family interact with other white people in the first episode, they purposely made the interactions awkward. There was awkward tension made because the directors are trying to create a regressive project. They want to take on a new ideology of blackness since blackness has lost its historical and cultural roots. In a sense, the media is represented African-American’s in a negative way. The show is actually breaking the norm. All of the main characters are African American is very rare. This family is doing “just fine” financially and very well groomed. According to our readings, these characteristics are rarely represented on TV through African Americans. Black-ish acknowledges how far our society has come in believing what being black is. It also asks whether white people have grown too comfortable with the idea that racism is just a thing of our past. Andre Johnson’s perspective is most visible and I must say that I relate to him most of the time. Our society has put so much hype on what it means to represent the color of our skin and we all tend to buy into that idea.


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