Sister Sister and The Man

15 Oct

I chose the show Sister Sister from ABC and the CW. Sister Sister is a show about twin sisters, Tia and Tamera, who were separated at birth and adopted by two different single parents. The girls reluctantly met while shopping at a department store and Tia and her mother Lisa moved in with Tamera and her father Ray so that the girls could be together. Tia is very smart and focused on school while Tamera is more focused on boys.

I chose an episode from season five where the girls are applying and getting acceptance letters from colleges. The episode starts with Tia running in yelling for everyone to come to the kitchen. Tia was excited to announce that she got a B+ on a test when Tamera runs in yelling that she got accepted to Northwestern. Tia has gotten multiple letters from different colleges, except the one she really wants, Harvard. Tamera’s plan has always been to go to a two-year college near home.

Tamera begins talking to her boyfriend about how she might like to go to a four-year university but she knows she doesn’t have the grade, test scores, or extracurricular activities. She mentions that she used to be a Frontier girl and was only three badges away from the Golden Oaks Award. Tamera’s boyfriend helps her and she goes back to get the award.

All of the main characters are African Americans and there were not many other races in the background. But in this episode, Tamera’s Frontier leader was Caucasian. While Tamera was trying to get the rest of her badges, the leader was the one to decide whether she passed or not. Tamera had to complete her camping, first aid, and building a fire badge. She did not pass camping the first time and the leader was shaking her head no and did not pass her. Tamera then got her badge in first aide and building a fire and later went back to complete her camping badge.

I think that the Caucasian Frontier leader in this episode could represent the female version of The Man from the Portrayals of Whiteness in Black Films reading. She is the leader of the Frontier group and decides whether the girls pass each test and get the badges that lead to different awards, such as the Golden Oaks Award. In the episode she did not have any lines but you can tell from her body language and the way that she acts that she is the boss and the future of the girls badges and awards are up to her.


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