15 Oct

Black-ish is kind of new television series produced by ABC. Mainly, it is talking about African-American family life. In this whole show, I could nearly see a main White character. This African-American family is called Dre’s. The father, mother, and their four children are all African-American people, and they are upper-middle-class people. They live in a big house. Dre said their lives are like “American dream” at the first episode.

At the beginning of this show, there is a very funny part. A Hollywood Tours Car comes and the White woman guider described them as “mythical and majestic black family.” This series really talks a lot race issues. Dre said something about “Black guys go to R&B and dance.”

For this family, they are just like any White family shows on television. They have money and house, they are happy. Sometimes, they will meet some culture problems but they can deal with. They seem positive.

For the main character, Dre, he is an advertising executive. The interesting thing is in this ad company, most African Americans are working for a low position in this company, such as gatekeeper, cleaner, delivery guy. And the family mentioned Obama as the first black president when he got promotion. In my opinion, although the producers and directors want to challenge traditional opinion about race issues, it still in this television. All of colleagues Dre works with, those high position people are White people. And his children went to school with all rich white people. Dre tried to keep them as “Black” instead of “White.”

The date shows on class that African-American being in primetime for 14% – 17% and population is 13%. The White people’s primetime is 73% – 80% and population is 69%. Black-ish shows a story around Black family, so the black characters show take majority of time. However, the number of black character is still less than white characters. White characters in this show, as byplays, still get majority of number. Without this family’s color and context, this family’s life style is close to White rich people. So, I can tell the life style is more depended on class instead of race.

Yiyang Xu


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