Emma Goes to Storybrooke

13 Oct

The show that I chose to analyze is Once Upon A Time. It is a popular series about fairytales and how their stories are all intertwined. There are many characters throughout the show, and they each have a different backstory. The show is unique because it jumps from the magic world to the real world. The episode that I will analyze is the pilot, which is the very first episode.

In this show there are different class positions. We see the town mayor Regina, and the town’s pawn shop owner, Mr. Gold, to be at the top of the classes. In the middle we see a teacher Mary Margaret, a doctor Mr. Whale, and the town’s favorite diner owner, Granny, to be in the middle class. Then we see the rest of the characters towards the bottom of the totem pole. In this episode, since it is just a pilot, describes how the main character Emma gets to Storybrooke, Maine. She finds herself in a strange place and doesn’t realize yet why she is destined to be in Storybrooke. We meet several characters and learn a little bit about their background stories from going back and forth from the magic world to reality.

Emma is the character that stands out the most to me. She is tall, blonde, and beautiful. She comes to town in a little yellow Volkswagen Bug that is very beat-up looking. She is wearing a t-shirt, jeans, boots, and a leather jacket. We learn that she does a lot of dirty work and had a child when she was a teenager out of wedlock. Although Emma looks like she is from the upper class, she has been living as an orphan her whole life and has had to support herself throughout her 28 years in reality. When she meets her son who brings her to Storybrooke, she meets the rest of the people in town.

She has no money, no place to live, and yet feels compelled to stay in Storybrooke just a bit longer. Throughout the episode, we see several days pass by and she doesn’t change clothes. She wears the same things and continues to act the same way, confused as to why she is in Storybrooke; and uncertain about her son’s belief in the magical world. Eventually Emma gets a job as the town Sherrif and starts to make some money and wear new, clean clothes. She eventually looks like she belongs in the town, instead of looking disheveled and somewhat homeless.


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