8 Oct

“Unforgettable” is a TV serious produced by CBS. Race issues is not the main idea that these television shows stated, but according to each case characters solved, some race problems appearing through context.

Episode 10 in Season 3 is talking about bomb in New York City and the first thought in main characters’ mind was that this bomb cased by Muslim people. After 911, American people aware of terrorism. Due to race problem, the Middle East countries were tagged with “terrorism.” Till the end of this episode, one Muslim person did put bomb, but the reason is not terrorism. In modern life, people are easily to put tag because of race because of media. For example, in “Unforgettable”, a lot of people were being categorical. Asian people, such as Chinese and Korean are smart and could make the advanced technology invention. Mexican people are always deal with drugs or want to stay in U.S. illegal.

Race issue is related with culture, however, in my opinion, every person should be treated as individual.

Yiyang Xu


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