Modern Family

8 Oct

In the Show “Modern Family” there are three different families somehow all related. The grandfather is married to a Columbian woman named Gloria who is considerably younger than him and has a young son. The Grandfather, Jay has two adult children Claire and Mitchell. Mitchell has a daughter with his husband Cam and Claire has three kids with her husband Phil.
This show represents particular categorical racial group through the character Gloria. Throughout the episodes Gloria and her family members always make comments on her cultural background. She is a proud Latina woman and commonly brings up her village and family members when telling stories. In one episode her accent was made fun of so she tried to talk in a very bad American accent the whole show. In another episode she thought her baby had darkness in him because she swore the men in her family all did and it had skipped her first son Manny. So she called a priest to check him out.
In the show Gloria is portrayed as a confident, beautiful, loud, stubborn and very superstitious woman. She tries to keep culture in her family. You can see this in episodes where they celebrate the holidays she always wants to add her own flare, a particular episode that comes to mind is when they were all getting a family portrait done and she though her baby with Jay was too white and wanted him to look more Latino for her family members back home who would be receiving the card.
The possible implications of portraying her this way are some people could see it as being stereotypical or offensive. I however do not see it that way, I feel in T.V a ton of different groups of people can get made fun off in a humorous way, there is even multiple different groups of people in the same show who are portrayed. I would say it discomforts a lot of the readings because I do not think it is necessarily offensive just that every group of people has their quirks and it makes for good T.V. I connect with Gloria because she is funny and very confident and cares a lot about clothes and her looks which I can easily relate to. She is more than meets the eyes she may be stubborn but she knows what she wants and how to stand up for herself, she is a strong woman, as I would like to think I am.


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