Gilmore Girls

8 Oct

When it comes to mainstream TV shows racial minorities are overwhelmingly under-represented with the majority of white actors taking on the major roles. With the few exceptions of shows like Scandal, Ugly Betty and the most recent shows featuring women of color with leading roles but also other characters who are diverse. Although those shows have and are doing well they still do not compare to the amount of dramas that we see with blue-eyed, white skin and fine hair. How can we provide accurate representation of the society we live in with little to zero cultural diversity?  Why when producers and creators add a person of color, they are used only for comedic view or perpetuate stereotypes of brown and black people?

Gilmore Girls being a show that aired on the WB was a show that resonated with a lot of viewers because of drama that centering around a single mother and daughter (Lorelai and Rory) their relationship while living in Stars Hollow, Connecticut which was uncommon to find a show about a single parent.  Unfortunately the show did succeed in that area it lacked cultural diversity and was also criticized for the portrayal of Asian ethnicity.  The character I would like to focus on is Lane Kim, Rory’s Asian best friend, and Lane’s mother the stereotypical mean and strict mother who is also and antique store owner in the small town.  Lane consider to defy the stereotypical Asian teenage girl because she was interested in music more rather than school but was still considered intelligent when need be and of course because her strict Asian mom would nor have it any other way.  Lane’s mother, had an heavy accent and followed customers around the store saying “You break, you buy.” Never developing her character as an Asian woman and entrepreneur living in Stars Hollow outside of that stereotype.


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