“The Great American Family”

7 Oct

The program I have chosen is modern family. This show has three different families, which are all related and portrayed throughout each episode. The first family is a typical suburban family with a wife a husband and two kids. The second family is made up of the grandpa and his new wife and step son. The third Family is composed of the grandpa’s son and his life partner and their adopted daughter. Each episode includes how crazy and hectic life can be for each of the families and their different structures. The first family being a normal white typical household. The grandpa has remarried a younger and hotter latina who has a young boy.

The character that stands out to me is Cam. He is the life partner of the son of the grandpa. Cam is funny and never leaves the room without something witty or flashy happening around him. Cam is caring,bright, and has a littler flare to him which you will smile and giggle throughout the show.

Some people who watch the show might not care for Cam simply due to the fact that he is gay. It might make these viewers uncomfortable. However, for me Cam shows how being gay is just the same as a normal straight male with a family. There is responsibility in every family whether someone is gay or straight. Cam has made it very visible that if someone is straight or gay, a family is the same and the same obstacles have to be crossed and completed no matter what.

I connect with this character because Cam is very funny and always keeps me locked in when he is on the screen. He is not afraid to be himself. Cam also doesn’t hide the fact that he is indeed gay. I’m not afraid of being goofy or different either, so we share the same outlook on self-esteem. If someone is different they should embrace it and make light of it. Cam has shown me and the audience of modern family that life is great and no matter who you are, everyone shares the same experiences at some point


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