Hidden Truth

6 Nov


I watched the 2011 documentary Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent.  The film tells the history of these people with the ultimate goal of empowering the people of that descent by giving them their ancestral knowledge that was intentionally hidden from them.  The creators of this film believe the reason African Americans are in their current state of societal inferiority is because they don’t have the knowledge of their historical success before the infamous slave trade we all learn about in elementary school. With out this knowledge they don’t have the confidence in their cognitive abilities because they don’t have enough historical intellectually positive role models, and therefore embrace the athlete or rap star instead.  They aim to teach African American youths that they don’t have to rely on there physical abilities, but instead can and should use their mental abilities and the first and most important step is education.  This lack of education over the centuries has lead to a decrease in group vitality and efficacy in the African American community that has not only impacted their beliefs about themselves and created stereotypes of African American people but also other cultures beliefs about them as well.  This film is not only meant to change the mindsets of African American people but to enlighten other cultures, manly “white America”, and make them aware that this is a historical injustice and currently happening.

I believe pro-social media can be useful as long as people see it, that is always the problem, reaching a wide enough audience to make an impact.  Youtube is a good way to reach a large number of people, however this film was released to a small number of theaters but is now on DVD.  Also the length of the film makes it difficult to reach and impact a large audience, most people go on Youtube to watch short clips not full length films, the casual viewer may get intimidated by the length and not watch or become bored by the historical aspects of it.  Having said that, pro-social media is a good thing and should be produced on a larger scale.  As we said in class their needs to be more Edutainment in our media and pro-social media is the perfect medium. Pro-social media can’t really be a bad thing or promote a negative message, they usually inform and therefore are always useful.     




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