Tim Wise

23 Oct

There really wasn’t anything from the lecture that surprised me or that I disagreed with in terms of the subject matter or the issues associated with racism, inequality and white male privilege.  This speech was very similar to the one that we watched in class in which he addressed racism, inequality, and white male privilege.  Obviously I was surprised when the Neo-Nazi snuck in and tried to verbally attack his points and arguments with his pro-white/anti-Jewish propaganda.  I was also surprised but enjoyed how personal he got, talking about his early childhood and then his controversial times in college.

There were a lot of things that connected to what we are learning in class, I feel like the entire thing was applicable in its own way.  But, I really liked when he addressed how just because you have a personal connection to another race doesn’t mean that you’re not racist. Then connected that idea to sexism, saying just because men marry women doesn’t mean that they are no longer sexist, or not able to be sexists, which would mean the only real sexists in the world are homosexuals.  Then further clarifies by stating that there are many other countries with female head of states, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t sexist countries with patriarchal dominant ideologies. 

I also really liked his point on how it seems like in our society, in order to be “successful”, or what we deem as successful, you have to learn/know what the dominant culture says is important.  Basically, we have to learn the white history and the white way to do things in order to be accepted and be able to get the personal recommendations that are the main way of acquiring jobs in this new job market, as he stated early in the lecture.  White people don’t have to, or aren’t expected to, learn other cultures histories or become aware of their personal struggles, they look at the world using the dominant paradigm instead of the ritualistic. 


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