Josh Zuke’s Blog#1

11 Sep

Group: Masculinity/Femininity/Sexuality

Summary: I watched Arrow on CW at 8:00.  I’ve never watched this show before so from what I gathered; the main character Oliver Queen was stranded on an island but survived to come home to have his father die, but his father had a list of names which Oliver feels he must hunt down as Arrow, his crime fighting alter ego, and discover the secrets of his city in order to save it.  In this particular episode Oliver and Felicity, his computer savvy assistant, have to infiltrate an underground casino but in order to do so they have to dress up Felicity and get her in.

Analysis/Application: First off being a “super hero” type show the main character is highly hyper-masculinized and all the women are overly emotional, except Felicity who is also tech savvy which is usually regarded as a man’s hobby.  There is one scene where a women is talking about her husband who was killed and she is all worked up crying, while in another scene a man is talking about his wife who also was killed but he isn’t crying he just gets angry.  This reaffirms the dominant ideology that “boys don’t cry” and that women are expected to be emotion and cry their troubles away.  The scene when Felicity gets all dolled up and easily gets passed the bouncers using her sex appeal was a perfect example of the male gaze and perpetuated the dominant ideology that women who fit the ideal beauty get more benefits and are ultimately more powerful than those that don’t.  Also at the end of that scene Felicity’s cover is blown as she is caught counting cards and is taken into that back to see the manager (where if she was a man she would have gotten one of her hands broken like in Casino).  Oliver finds out she was taken and comes in as Arrow and saves the day, perpetuating the damsel in distress stereotype that women are incapable of saving themselves and need a strong powerful man to save them in rough situations.

Conclusion: This episode helped perpetuate all the popular stereotypes; that women are overly-emotional, “boys don’t cry”, beautiful women get whatever they want, and women are incapable of saving themselves.


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