9 Mar


As a reflection, the portrayals of gender in the media go right along with societies expectations. Not sure what comes first, societies behavior or the medias’ portrayals… if the media just plays monkey see, monkey do or if we’re the monkeys doing the seeing… Its all pretty much a blur still. But one thing that is clear that if there’s a 1 its man, and if there’s a 2, its women. Men are seen the driving force in our culture and it seems as any everything in the media is catered to what men want.

Prescriptions for Change and Growth: Im not sure how we as a society could go about this change. For our prosocial media project we did a presentation of an idea, similar to the “go green” movement, this would be an alternative approach to present women in the media. By encouraging all modes of entertainment to “de-sex” the images they present, it may serve as the first step to changing the way in which women are presented. I think it has to be a goal of everyone, the clothing lines, designers, movie and video producers, song writers etc… My implementing and just providing an alternative way, a new way to be cool and popular… by trying to show that our society values other things like intelligence and purity… maybe just maybe this”alternative approach” attempt would serve as the first step in a new direction. Again Im not sure if this would even be realistic, our culture is so submerged and heavily rooted in its hegemonic way of like I dont even think people, at first glance into our culture, see a need for a change. If they were to get that magnifying glass out, or just take this class however, I would bet that they too see room for improvement.


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